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Sunday, 25. August 2019  

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The Dream behind DreamStake - An eco-system for creative entrepreneurs


DreamStake is a 4500 strong network focused on supporting creative entrepreneurs, particularly in the UK I thought I would say a few words about what we believe.
We are often asked what is the 'Dream' behind DreamStake and what do we want to achieve through the network?
In short we want to connect members in a supportive environment to launch and grow great ventures.
We are creating an on-line eco-system to harness the collective potential for the DreamStake members to innovate and unleash creativity for commercial gain. Our Dream is to make this a reality by linking the talent on DreamStake to achieve amazing things together.  We are passionate about the ideas that we hear from members every day and want to give these the best possible chance of success by ensuring access to suitable resources.
In essence, we want to see members collaborate to create high potential ventures with all the 'stakeholders' rewarded on an equitable basis. This is the 'Stake' in DreamStake.
As far as segmentation is concerned we believe that we add greatest value to 'creative' entrepreneurs. These are high growth potential companies engaged in the creative industries and often engaged in new ways of producing, distributing or commercialising the arts.  This includes the digital media, mobile and internet platforms that are radically transforming the music, film and other arts based sectors.
Unlike many 'business accelerators' we are not driven by investment.  We acknowledge that sometimes companies need money to grow but believe that many will flourish without large-scale investment.  Because we are not reliant on investment returns we are able to give totally impartial advice based on long-term relationships with members.  We are fundamentally against 'pay to pitch' and believe that cherry picking propositions based on contests or hothousing are only right for a few types of businesses. Our view is that startups develop at different rates and the 'winner takes all' mentality of many investment vehicles only excludes a lot of intrinsically sound businesses.
We also advocate the mantra 'for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs' and here we don't mean celebrity entrepreneurs. Early stage creative entrepreneurs need mentoring by entrepreneurs with an affinity to what they are doing.  Our objective is to ensure that these connections are put in place through the network. Currently we do this by offering free events, workshops and clinics.  We also introduce suitable mentors to members looking for support.
So please ensure that we collectively leverage the amazing talent base that we have come together to create.  It has never been a better time to launch and grow a creative entrepreneurial business.  Technology has broken down the barriers to enter many sectors and social media opens up the channel to market in an unprecedented way. 
DreamStake is here to help you to fulfill those entrepreneurial dreams. Please engage on !







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