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Sunday, 18. August 2019  

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Regional Councils of ..... Creativity

Creative Councils is a new programme from NESTA, working with the Local Government Group, to support local authorities to develop and implement radical innovations that meet the challenges of tomorrow. Our ambition over the next two years is to work with a small group of pioneering local authorities across England and Wales and their partners to develop, implement and spread transformational new approaches to meeting some of the biggest medium and long-term challenges facing communities and local services.

Call for ideas

The first stage is an open call for ideas. We want to hear from local authorities that share our ambition and have a vision for radical transformation in an area of challenge that matters to their communities.

In June, we will select up to 20 of the most promising ideas that will receive financial and non-financial support to develop their thinking and establish the potential for spread to other areas. In autumn 2011, we will select the five ideas with the highest potential to receive further tailored support to implement their innovation. 

Creative Councils starts with three assumptions:

  • That alongside the new financial reality, local communities and services face rising and more complex challenges that won’t be solved through traditional approaches to improvement and efficiency alone
  • That local government is responsible for and capable of leading the transformation that is needed, bringing together different partners and communities to create radically different ways of meeting social needs
  • That developing new solutions in one area isn’t enough, we need to get better at replication, adaptation and the spread of successful approaches between different areas that share similar challenges

Further information

To find out more download the Creative Councils programme information (PDF 364Kb) and Creative Councils FAQs (PDF 370Kb)


the Creative CoComplete uncils online application form







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