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Sunday, 25. August 2019  

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Starting a business

n this page you will find information about the main different Company types and the preconditions that must be met by the investor in order to form a new company of any of these types.

Every type of enterprise has specific characteristics of its own and, therefore, the choice between any of them serves a particular economic intention. Thus, an enterprise may be:

Individual Enterprise: This form is quite common. Its main advantage is its high flexibility as regards the enterprise decisions, concerning the type of activity involved, the selection of the adopted technical methods and, up to a point, the volume of production. These advantages are essential especially for the small and medium size agricultural and commercial enterprises and small industries, where the personal supervision and initiative is of great importance. However, when the kind of business imposes the development of a larger company size, then the most appropriate choice is the corporate enterprise.

Corporate Enterprise: The corporate enterprise is founded and run by , at least, two people, the partners . Their association is based on the corporate agreement, which is adapted to the type of each company. Basic forms of the corporate enterprise are: General Partnership, Limited Partnership, Public Limited Company (Societe Anonyme) and Limited Liability Company.

In the General Partnership company all partners are jointly liable with their entire estate for the activity and the debts of the company. Moreover they are liable to personal detention when they are unable to pay their creditors.


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Company Valuation Toolkit: EASY has developed a Company Valuation Toolkit for businesses suitable for international investment. The toolkit contains four tools: How to build your financials; Know your exits; Value your business; and Valuation – Investor version.

Download the Company Valuation Toolkit

  • Please note: This software works on a Windows PC only. You will need to download the ZIP file to your computer and extract all the files. Once downloaded, navigate to the folder you saved the files to then double-click on 'Start.exe' to launch the EASY Company Evaluation Toolkit. You will be prompted to 'open from CD' or 'Save files' - both will work.

If you'd like a copy of the Company Valuation Toolkit on CD, please email







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